Thursday, 13 June 2019

How to Rid Yourself of a Dry Mouth

Do you ever feel like your mouth is dry as absolutely possible and the only thing that would seem to help is to constantly drink water?

A dry mouth can occur for a multitude of reasons, though elderly folks are more susceptible to having a dry mouth simply because it’s a side effect of a lot of medications. And since dry mouth can prevent saliva from doing its main job,, rinsing away bacteria that you don’t want, it’s common for plaque to be more of a nuisance for older adults. Unfortunately, this can mean rapid tooth decay.

We figured we’d provide a few quick ways to combat dry mouth, but before we delve in, there’s another reason people get a very dry mouth, and I’m included in that reason. That would be sleeping with your mouth open.

There are actually quite a few reasons why some sleep with their mouth open: sleep apnea, blocked nasal passages, stress, and irregular nasal passage (typically in need of surgery) are the most common causes.

Let’s dive into a few ways to alleviate having a dry mouth.

Drink even more water

Duh, right? Water is what makes life possible, it’s what makes us tick. The more you can hydrate your body with, the less your mouth will be needlessly dry. Water directly helps out your saliva production, which will negate all of that dry mouth.

Get a humidifier
This has got to be one of the most single useful things I’ve ever discovered in dealing with a dry mouth, and this is the truest at night. If you can place a few more humidifiers around the house and not just your bedroom, you’ll really be thanking yourself.

Over the counter moisturizers
Easy to get, cheap enough, and super useful, oral moisturizers do their job and they do it well. You may find them as mouthwashes or as sprays, but both work quite well. When you feel your mouth start to become dry, don’t hesitate to use one of these. It’s easy enough and does what it’s supposed to.

Steer clear of coffee, alcohol, or acidic juices.

Alright, you’re gonna drink all of these from time to time. But the more you drink of one, the drier your mouth becomes. Get hooked on water and other less acidic drinks if you want to stand a chance at fighting against dry mouth! You’ll be surprised at how much these actually make a difference.

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